The Most Important Part of Your Field Campaign That You’re Not Doing

You’ve accomplished the unthinkable –  you converted a voter from an undecided one, to a vote you can count on in November. Expert level achieved! Now what?

Too many campaigns make the fatal mistake of just leaving the conversation at the voter’s doorstep. While you overcame the challenge of convincing a voter to support you, it’s only June and the election is five months away. In these months, there is plenty of time for this voter to either fall back in the undecided column, or even worse, still support your campaign but not show up to vote. If only you had a method to follow up with this voter that would help eliminate some of this drop-off. Lucky for you, we do.

The Follow Up Postcard is one of the best tools in a campaign’s toolkit. When utilized properly, this inexpensive method of communication yields a high return on the campaign’s investment. Below are a couple suggestions to remember when creating your Follow Up Postcard:


When designing this card, leave extra space for a personal note. If you had a conversation about something specific during your time with the voter, make sure to mention it here. There’s no better way to directly connect with a voter than showing them you were listening to their needs.


While the timeline for when you send these out is up to you, we recommend writing these postcards out soon after having the conversation with the voter. By drafting these soon after, the details of the exchange are still fresh and accurate.


In a campaign where every dollar counts, it’s up to the candidate and team to find opportunities where to save. Using the Follow Up Postcard is this type of opportunity. Where a typical piece of mail requires $0.49 of postage, the 4” x 6” postcard only needs $0.34. This difference can mean hundreds of dollars when sending out just a few thousand pieces.

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