Is Lack of Efficiency Sinking Your Campaign?

Time equals money. For campaigns, time also equals votes. Every moment you’re not moving your campaign closer to your fundraising or voter contact goals you’re losing time to your opponent. Make sure you’re following the three principles to ensure your campaign is performing with a high level of efficiency.

Be Organized

While this may sound like a given, campaigns can suffer from a lack of clear and concise organization. It is imperative in a constantly changing environment to be able to make quick and informed decisions. With everything that is on the campaign’s plate it is irresponsible to think that one person can efficiently make every decision. Rather delegating responsibility to the appropriate team member and establishing a strong chain of command will pay dividends for both your campaign staff and organization. We encourage you to develop this organization early on, write it down so you can frequently reflect on it, but remain flexible to accommodate ever-changing campaign conditions.

Make the Most of Your Outreach

Make sure you’re fully committed to a method of outreach. Anything worth your valuable time, should be taken seriously. When considering mail or door-to-door opportunities, target voters to maximize results and track results so to ensure you efforts aren’t wasted. Take the time to train volunteers and staff, so their time as ambassadors of the campaign is utilized as efficiently as the candidate’s. It takes a team to make campaigns successful, so make sure they are given the tools and tips to succeed. Spending time communicating with voters is valuable, but if people aren’t communicating your message successfully, then these efforts are for naught.

Streamline Purchases

Much like efficiency with your organization and outreach efforts, purchasing campaign materials is an opportunity to become more efficient with your time and money. How and where this money is spent is a matter of public record, so your supporters and opposition alike will be paying close attention. To be efficient with your valuable campaign dollars, we recommend planning ahead and ordering items together whenever possible. By making fewer, larger orders, you generally receive a quantity discount and pay less per piece. Also, the time that is saved placing dozens of orders is time that can be spent talking to voters and raising money.

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