3 Reasons You’re Not Winning Your Neighbors’ Votes

Those powerful few minutes can quickly determine a voter’s decision. The time you spend at a neighbor’s doorstep talking about why you’re running and explain how you can improve their lives is crucial to securing their vote. However, after the conversation has ended, the palm card you leave behind serves as a reminder and lasting impression from your conversation.

Why your palm card isn’t helping with their vote:

They Don’t Remember You

Three items that need to be on your palm card bold and frequently are your name as it will appear on the ballot, office you’re seeking, and the election date. When voters head to the polls to cast their ballot it’s important to make sure they recognize your name, know where to find you on the ballot, and know when you’re up for election. The bolder and more frequent you can have these items on your palm card the better the chances they’ll have of remembering and voting for you.

You’re Trying To Fit In Everything  

A mistake that most campaigns suffer from is trying to squeeze every piece of information about the candidate on a 4” x 9” piece of literature. It just won’t work. When trying to cram all the information you think voters should know about you, you lose their attention and results in less being read. Keep the information short and simple on your palm card and let your conversation fill in the details.

They’ve Seen It Before

During the height of campaign season, voters are overwhelmed with candidates vying for their attention. To stand out from the crowd, be unique. This uniqueness can come from using a non-traditional color scheme, using photos that depict you or your family in a natural setting, or giving some information that sets you apart. This uniqueness will help translate into votes.

By designing a palm card that steers away from these common fouls, you’re on your way to securing more votes.


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